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Please see below more details about my sash window repairs, restoration and draught proofing in London.

Sash Window Restoration, Refurbishment & Renovation: We check for the following: Wood rot, sash joints, smooth running, rattles,
pulleys, sash cords, glass, weight balancing and putty repairs.

Broken Sash Cords can often be done the next day: After removing the sashes from the frame and your sash window cord is repaired, I
make good the small amount of damage that occurs and I also make sure that the window runs smoothly.

Rot Sash Window: I patch in new wood to sills and frames and also replace sills and frame sections. Rot detection equipment used to ensure
complete removal.

Windows Stuck Or Rattly: When stuck, I will carefully remove your sash windows from the frame and plane all the swollen wood and paint
off then wax the glides restoring them to a smooth operation. Rattles will be cured by tightening up the frame etc. This is part of our sash window
refurbishment and restoration process.

Glass And Putty Repairs: Replace broken glass and repair old putty is also part of our sash window refurbishment and restoration process.

How I Draught Proof /Insulate Your Sash Windows and Casement windows and stop the Rattles. We found that replacing staff beads and
parting beads that have integral brushes work fine with newer windows but didn't totally address the unevenness of older sash windows. Our tried
and tested solution, now become standard over many years, is to machine cut grooves ourselves at various depths into the moving sashes to allow
for the uneven gaps, then fit the brushes into the tailored grooves. The result is a consistent brush seal all around your windows. Your windows
character is preserved, as the brushes are hidden and the integrity of the window remains intact.

This Restoration Procedure  retains the original look and character of your sash windows.
Windows will run more smoothly, as we apply the insulation brushes to front and back of the sashes.
Reduces outside noise levels and stops any rattles.
Saves on heating bills.
Reduces dust and draughts on sash windows by over 90%.
Our Full Painting Service: inside £180 & outside £180 Total £360
And we don't need costly scaffolding as we remove the sashes from the inside.
I don't require any deposit or payment until you are completely satisfied with your windows.
Special offer: Full High Quality sash window draught proofing for £180
per window when over 3 windows.
Please account for repairs on older windows in addition to the draught proofing.     
We hand cut the brush slots at different depths to ensure a snug fit with older uneven
windows. Brushes are also hidden so your windows will retain their original look.
Before and after: Extensive refurbishment

I have been doing sash window repairs in London as well as sash window refurbishment and sash window draught proofing in
London for the past 20 years. I have outstanding references and I'm happy to provide you with these from any of my clients. My
father in law, Daniel, is the manager of three professionally dedicated window fitters, who work together as an efficient, polite
and well honed team that are easy to be around. I'm also an RC model plane builder and this attention to detail is applied to my
repairs and restoration work with sash windows and casement windows in London
Skilfully built sill and sides then  sanded and painted
About Us
"Contrary to most other companies we tried, John will try to restore, preserving as much of the old sash windows
with a repair as possible, rather than recommending far more expensive replacements"
Here is a link to more 5 star reviews from my clients on Google Map Reviews
A big thanks to my previous clients who sent me their comments and testimonials.
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34a Chesterton Road Kensington London W10 5LX
With my current workload It is more efficient to email me
for prices and a comprehensive information pack then we can
quickly arrange for a free survey
We do sash cords, stuck windows, weight balance for dropping windows
& sash window refurbishment.
We Do Sash Cord Repairs London And Sash Window Refurbishment,
Includes Sash Window Restoration And Sash Window Draught Proofing
in all North, South, East And West London