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With my current workload It is more efficient to email me
for prices and a comprehensive information pack then we can
quickly arrange for a free survey
Sash Cord Repairs London
We replace old broken sash cords with new sash cords
Please note, when having sash window draught proofing
the cost of new sash cords is much reduced
Please check my home page for more information about sash window draught proofing

However, if you only need the sash cord repaired
then here is the procedure...................

Prices include making good the small amount of disassembly damage

Discounts: 2 windows or more 15% discount off the total price
when 4 cords are changed per window
This makes us the best value for sash cord replacement in London
Please email me for a comprehensive all inclusive price list.

Sash cords
that are not broken but frayed can be dangerous in that if both
sash cords finally break then your window can slam shut causing injury or
breaking the glass in some cases.

We will only replace clearly worn sash cords and leave the others
unless you would prefer to have all of the cords done at once.

With full sash window repairs and refurbishment
we can do sash cord repairs for a much reduced price because your sash windows
will have already been taken out of their frames reducing the labour time
along with a combined discount.
First we dismantle the moving sash frames from the main box frame
Then open the sash weight box and remove the weights
Next we check the cords and remove any broken or frayed sash cords
Check the weight balance and add weights if needed
Check for window for stiffness and ease if needed
And a free check for wood rot and general condition of your windows
We Do Sash Cord Repairs London And Sash Window Refurbishment,
Includes Sash Window Restoration And Sash Window Draught Proofing
in all North, South, East And West London